It’s Year of the Tiger! Here are your 2022 horoscopes for the Lunar New Year

Admin Published on February 07, 2022

Whatever your Lunar zodiac sign, Year of the Tiger promises some big shakes ups. Here’s what’s on the way for 2022.

Welcome to the Year of the Tiger!

February 1 marked the start of a Lunar New Year, the holiday that is celebrated by nearly two billion people across the world. 

A Lunar New Year marks a fresh start and changes to our luck in areas like work, romance, health, and money. While Western astrology is focused on months, each sign of the Lunar zodiac rules over an entire year. That means if you were born in a ‘Tiger’ year of 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 or 2010, you’re set for a significant 12 months. 

But it’s not just Tigers who can learn from their horoscopes – the Lunar New Year impacts every sign of the zodiac. Here’s what Year of the Tiger has in store for you.